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Across a desert

yellowfeverThe other Yellow Fever: the male gaze on asian male gays


webpainbody_02 copyThe Pain Body; When it feels good to feel badĀ 

balanceWhen you mad but you also a yoga teacher

missthisNatural Nostalgia; We Miss This

mindseyeMind’s Eye

tumblr_nls6im6V2o1qkslwlo1_1280Based on NPR podcast Invisibilia’s “Entanglement” episode.
Stories about the interconnectedness of humanity.

Client: Huffington Post
Read the article hereĀ  “Om in the Time of Lent”
The article explored writer Ko Im’s parallel experiences as a practitioner of
Yoga and Catholicism. The ritual, the humility, the grace.

x_mothernaturessonMother Nature’s Son

coolposeA Body that Remembers Movement